Simplified Demand, Supply & Price Planning With ML & AI

Simplified Demand, Supply & Price Planning With ML & AI

Improve your working capital
Reduce excesses and shortages
Finished goods and component level planning


Grow your business

Demand Planning

Google powered Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence can accurately predict demand forecast

Supply Planning

Plan warehousing, distribution & shipping with accurate lead times. Predict shortages and excesses in supply 


Manufacturers can do your planning on a component level. Bridge the gap between production & demand.

Drop Shipment

Wholesale & drop shipment businesses love Planning In A Box as you can handle multiple parties in one system. 

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So Intuitive, So Easy.

Add segments

Segments are like filters. Now you can apply different segments to slice & dice your data.


Rule based automation will help you run your business seamless. Now reprice your products to get the buy box.

Visualize your data

You can visualize all of your data in graph & chart form. Now know your data more than anyone.

Seamless Integration

You can integrate with Salesforce, Netsuite, Tableau and a plethora of web applications.

Add User

We know it’s all about the team work. Now add one or more admins to the control panel of your dashboard.

Extract data

Now you can easily extract all the data that you see on your dashboard in excel or csv format.

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100 SKUs
One Store
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$1000 /person/month

500 SKUs
One Marketplace
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Large Business

$5000 /Person/month

Unlimited SKUs
Unlimited Marketplace
All Integrations
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence based forecast

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