Planning In A Box helps retailers plan their demand & supply, pricing and inventory in advance using our state of the art Machine Learning Algorithms. We are Google’s partner in Machine Learning & GCP(Google Cloud Platform).

Our Aim:

We aim to be the market leader in Supply Chain Planning. Our expert leaders are visionary in terms of escalating the ML usability for small and medium sized businesses.

Technology that we use

Our Team

Mark Bonfoey
Mark Bonfoey Board of Advisors

Kartik Raghavan
Kartik Raghavan Board of Directors

Manju Devadas
Manju Devadas Co-Founder & CEO

Salil Amonkar
Salil Amonkar COO (Domain Expert)

Nikhil John
Nikhil John Head of Growth & Sales

Rajesh Vadivelu
Rajesh Vadivelu DevOps & Cloud

Vijay Bondale
Vijay Bondale Customer Success

Harleen Kaur
Harleen Kaur Data Scientist

Ram Balaji Subbaiyan
Ram Balaji Subbaiyan Cloud Engineer

Tejas Patil
Tejas Patil Data Scientist

Lenoj Sampath
Lenoj Sampath Product Thinker

Shraddha Padariya
Shraddha Padariya Data Scientist

Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra Marketing Executive