Use Cases

Generic use case for optimizing inventory while maintaining on time delivery with variable led-times.

Manage forecast (multiple or single source) at top level for high forecast accuracy(Consensus and collaborative demand management) and use it to generate manufacturing product and component forecast. Use the product and component forecast to drive in following supply chain models. Combination of product with or without consigned forecast for direct fulfillment (virtual manufacturing). Net product plan with or without net component plan (and consigned inventory plan) for vertical manufacturing.

Demand management with machine learning to drive up-sell, cross-sell for an e-tailer with distribution centers.

Use machine learning assisted forecasting (to include sentiment analysis in forecast corrections) and link it to available inventory for e-tailer with distribution centers. Use the above to recommend products and drive reduction of excess inventory.

Retailers and E-tailers.

Add an unstructured text feed to take sentiment data such as rss feed from sources that express sentiment on products (recommend we use digital trends on products like phone reviews). Use ratings from this feed for phones and use this to then accordingly upgrade or downgrade product forecast based on set parameters. Now review excess inventory levels for phones and cross reference with phone ratings to recommend discounts as means of increasing demand for these products (lower ratings higher discounts).

Distributed Supply Chain use case (applies to CPG and Retail) for optimizing inventory and maintaining service levels especially in omni-channel environment.

Manage multi-channel with multiple sources, single channel with multiple sources or a combination to forecast at top level or SKU level for high forecast accuracy. Use this as the driver for distribution plan to run distribution centers, supply centers in a distribution supply chain.

Point solution(s) use cases for enterprises

Plan and Manage excess and obsolete inventory. Plan and Manage consigned inventory. Spend Analysis for optimized Supplier Allocations and Management. Data Center Resource planning & Service Parts Planning.

Enterprises(High Tech)-Target Sales and Marketing organizations

As a build up on Retailer use case Instead of phones use routers as the example (leverage something like dealnews rss feeds and something similar to get information on sales going on in grey market). Use this information to cross check with any forecast for products that match and suggest possible downgrade of forecast amounts (i.e average selling prices) and also recommend discount. Use the information on excess inventory and cross reference those products for special one-time discounts.

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