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What is Planning in a Box?

Exception based planning where in the planners of supply and demand would really like to focus on the product, customers, and geographies that matter to their business’s top line, bottom line and customer satisfaction. While they are many supply chain planning applications software available many of them are either too expensive or too complex or takes a long time to implement. With decades of industry experience of understanding of user’s pain Planning in a Box has been designed as an exception-based planning application that is affordable, quick to implement yet scales to any volumes with the power of cloud while delivering the results any time anywhere on a desktop browser or your mobile devices.

Value Chain Transformation with Cloud and Machine Learning:

The pace of change brought forth by the disruptive effect of cloud and SaaS is occurring at a much faster pace than that can be matched by enterprises. The high-tech industry has gone through multiple transformations, from mainframe to PC to client server architecture during the pre Y2K days, to the post-Y2K era of the Internet and now, with Cloud and SaaS. With this evolution now data can be securely accessible anytime, anywhere by anyone. Expectations around when, how and how much the customer should expect to pay for all of this has also seen tremendous change.

Example of this change can be noted in how high tech companies are forced to react in terms of their offerings and the monetization models that they need to focus on. An example of this change in the value chain context is retail companies trying to rapidly build their Omnichannel capabilities as they realize that driving a customer to a decision in their favor rests on a brand’s ability to engage the customer on multiple fronts all with a consistent customer experience. These and other dramatic shifts on the business fronts will drive most enterprises to look at opportunities to ensure that their Value Chain processes are able to keep up with this change.

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